Saturday, May 29, 2010

Horders: For Kids

I'm pretty sure A&E could have filmed a good episode of Horders at our house while cleaning out my daughter's closet the other day. I finally got so overwhelmed at the fact that I couldn't get in there to hang up clothes that I decided enough was enough.

Armed with garbage bags, boxes, and my 4 year old we went up for an intervention. We barged in on my daughter's "Fortress of Solitude" and as soon as she saw the garbage bags the tears started. I pleaded and begged and tried all of the tactics the way-too-nice and calm therapists on Horders try. Lacking time and patience I started grabbing handfuls of broken crayons, candy wrappers, puzzle pieces, Ponyville fodder, and what not and began throwing it away. Under some of the debris, I'm ashamed to report, I did find several pet shop carcasses who must have been buried alive.

My daughter, seeing the progress eventually got on board. But then the negotiation started on every toy.

Me: "Do you really need this pony? It only has one eye and the hair is all gone from it's head. It's a little scary."

Horder: "Mommy, I like that pony. I NEED that Pony."

Me: "Ok, well what about this old castle? It's seen happier days."

Horder: "Ok, but can I get a new castle?"

My poor 4 year old soon stood there like all of the relatives on Horders. Ashamed, broken and just happy to get handed anything throw away.

Three garbage bags later, we were left with a small pony land, Pet Shop villa and a small zhu zhu pit stop. My daughter will get one toy (with no small pieces) as a reward. Those pet shop who were crushed from the debris have now been brought back to life and have been given a happy home. ;)


Rana said...

My sister emailed me the link to your blog this morning. I'm glad she did.

OMG!!! This is my daughters rooms. I just got done doing this about two months ago and now I have to go in again. I don't understand how it gets trashed so quickly. I'm trying to show her how to put things away when she is done using them. I think I'm going to have to take drastic measures. If she doesn't pick up at night what is on the floor is getting clean sweeped. And if the floor stays clean the next night she can have those things back.

I'm praying for you. I hope you can keep her on the right track to a happy and clean room! :-)

Ritz Family said...

When my kids were younger I always did that while they were at school. They never noticed a thing. I loved the little pony quote from your daughter...classic! You are a brave(or just nicer) mom than I ever was:-)