Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Shopping and Savings!

Well it is official school has already begun or will begin here shortly for most of you. If you are not already ready for the first day then we have the best sale ever to pick up a few more items to make that first day even more exciting.

Save $5.00 off your order when you shop our Back to School category and when you purchase a Reusable Lunch Sack. Then the best part is, FREE SHIPPING when you use this coupon. The shipping will automatically be taken off at checkout. So let me show you a few items you are going to want to have!

The first day is going to be full of information and papers for your little one. Get her a Dots Pink Backpack to help her bring all that info home to you (then it will not be scattered all over the bus).

Now for boys, they might not like the pink polka dots but her is sure to love the Propeller Backpack.

Whether it be for a boy or a girl showing your graduating class is super cool! The Personalized Class of Shirt has tons of options to make it perfect for your son or daughter or to make the perfect gift!

So shop away, make this school year simply fabulous!