Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cautionary Tale

and when I say "EVER" I mean EVER.
I am the daughter George Hamilton never knew he had.
I have never seen my teeth so white.
I have never seen my skin looking more diseased.
I'm lucky I don't own any suspenders because I would surely be mistaken for an Oompa Loompa.
I love the fact that I can wear pants all the time.
My husband keeps looking away because he says its hard to take me seriously.
All I wanted to be was tan...and Groupon made it possible for such a good price.
Why Groupon??
?? Why have you failed me????
My daughter told me that "you should have a very great artist draw your face and you can glue it onto your face with washable glue until you look regular again."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Headbutts and Butting Heads

There are entire government agencies devoted to the welfare of children. They make sure that kids are kept safe and are not neglected or abused which is wonderful.

Where is the government agency to protect parents from their children?

I'm feeling a little emotionally and physically bruised and beaten by my kids. To make matters worse, it's my fault because I raised them. I can only blame myself since they are MY kids.

My oldest is mean. I'm nice to her and she's mean. I'm mean to her and she's mean. I can't figure out how to make her nice or happy. The sad part is is that she is so cute and little. She has her top teeth missing, freckles across her nose and she's tiny. I want to squeeze her and love her and she wants nothing to do with it. She's just too little and cute to be mad and angry all the time. We just clash and fight over silly things.

My youngest is in the midst of learning how to throw good tantrums. The other day during the middle of one she decided to head butt me in the head with her head. I'm not sure who was crying more. Despite my pain, I held her, worried, and rocked her. Much later I felt a large nasty bump on my own head. But somehow, my pain wasn't as important as hers.

So, I'll go into hiding for a few minutes, write my blog, lick my wounds and return to the fighting ring. There is nothing else to do. I guess you have to take the bad days with the good.

Good thing my favorite episode of Dora is on. Maybe that will cheer me up some. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

DOH! Leave it to me to be late again for another party. That's my lot in life. It's a late lot. But a good life.

I'm Amanda and this is my 3 year old blog full of crazyness, chaos and a little fun. It's all about motherhood and how we adapt to it.

Please take a look around, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy my insanity.

Ultimate Blog Party 2010