Friday, October 31, 2008

The Diffference Between Your First Baby and Third

I've just had my third baby and have noticed some major differences in how I've planned and cared for my first and third baby. Of course, my second fell somewhere in between these.

Shopping for furniture, swings, bouncers etc.
  • First baby - buy top of the line furniture and accessories. You own every invention know to man to make having a baby easier by 20 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Third baby - you start to beg, borrow and steal any vital items (crib) three days before your due date.
Diaper Bag
  • First baby - you choose the most beautiful bag and have it stocked with diapers, a change of clothing, first aid kit, changing pad, tissues, wipes, etc. long before baby arrives or has any use for it.
  • Third baby - you grab a bag the morning of baby's one week check up and throw anything into it you see. Realizing once you get to the Dr.s office you don't have wipes.
  • First baby - clothes are all washed with tags removed weeks before baby comes. Of course you only use Dreft detergent.
  • Third baby - you rip the tags off and put the outfit directly onto baby skipping the initial wash. Once dirty, clothes are washed with the rest of the laundry in whatever detergent is on the shelf.
  • First baby - every decision is weighed on what effect it will have on the baby's future. For example, should I give the baby a pacifier? Should I hold baby for naps? Should I pat baby to sleep? You ask yourself if doing this once will create a habit for baby.
  • Third baby - you do whatever it takes to get 10 minutes of sleep. It's survival.
Feeding Baby
  • First baby - you time or record the amount of ounces baby eats. Keeping track of number of dirty and wet diapers. Even creating a database to keep track of all baby's incoming and outgoing food and waste to be sure the baby is getting enough nourishment.
  • Third baby - you put the boob or bottle in baby's mouth when baby cries.

Friday, October 10, 2008

How NOT to care for a baby! Great Pics!!

I came across this blog today and died of laughter at the pictures! It's a must see. My favorite is the mom washing the baby with the hose. I love to use my hose for washing off everything and it just made me laugh because I think I would actually do it. Check it out!!

hipchicagomom musings: How to not care for a baby

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Self Induced Labor

I know every mom who has experienced the ninth month of pregnancy has at least googled ways to induce their own labor. Why wouldn't you? There is nothing as desprate in this world as a woman at 39 weeks of pregnancy. What else in the world would make you drink castor oil, give yourself an enema, or try to have sex while as big as a whale? Even the thought of the excruciation pain of labor isn't a deterrant.

I've heard some crazy ways to start labor and at this point, I might be just crazy enough to try some. I'm starting to have that crazed look in my eye.

One of the strangest things I read was to talk to the baby and try to convince her to feel safe enough to come out. The article said to show the baby her room and all the great things so she'll start the hormones of labor. I'm pretty desprite but I'll leave that one until I'm 39 weeks. I'm sure I'll get to the point where I'll be so desprate that I'll start halluscinating and that will be a good approach at that time. It's just too weird in a semi-stable state of mind.

I'm also not sure about drinking certain teas and castor oil. First of all, I don't like going out in public and that seems like another chore for me to hunt down the sacred raspberry tea from some helth store. We currently don't have toilet paper in our house and I'm making due until I NEED to go to the store. I like to lay on my couch now and franklly, I can't keep my pants up anymore and it's too hard to try. So again, that's one I'll save for 39 weeks.

In the mean time, I'll stick to walking, cleaning and staying as active as my droopy pants will allow. Perhaps I'll invent a new way to induce labor and try slipping my Dr. a $100 bill. At least I know that will work.

Monday, October 6, 2008

June Cleaver I Am Not

I am in no way shape or form anything like June Cleaver. I don't wear cocktail dresses. I don't even own a dress currently. I don't cook gourmet meals. I don't mix my husband a martini when he comes home, although probably a good idea. I can't fix all of my kids problems and worries with a quick little chat.
The era of the 1940's and 1950's interests me. Almost every mom was a stay at home mom. They were self-sacrificing and selfless. I can't understand how they survived.