Monday, October 6, 2008

June Cleaver I Am Not

I am in no way shape or form anything like June Cleaver. I don't wear cocktail dresses. I don't even own a dress currently. I don't cook gourmet meals. I don't mix my husband a martini when he comes home, although probably a good idea. I can't fix all of my kids problems and worries with a quick little chat.
The era of the 1940's and 1950's interests me. Almost every mom was a stay at home mom. They were self-sacrificing and selfless. I can't understand how they survived.

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hipchicagomom said...

I'm completely fascinated with that time era. Such a simple, different time. Interestingly enough, my 8yr old came home from school today and watched Leave It To Beaver on MeTV and afterwards told me that he saw a show "that was black and was from the 80's!!" LOL!