Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who is OSHA and Why Do They Hate Me?

I'd like to know who the hell OSHA is and why they are forcing me to carry around poopy diapers in my $300 Coach bag. What is with this? There was a sign in the bathroom of the haircut place I go to that said "Due to OSHA's work place standards, please take all dirty diapers with you and do not dispose of them here." I've also seen this plastered all over the pediatricians office. I don't understand how they can take fecal tests there but they can't empty a trash can with a dirty diaper in it.

I do know who OSHA is and I understand the rule but come on... I really have to carry dirty diapers around with me? Can't they install those neon red bins that say Hazardous BioHazard Waste just for dirty diapers? As if kids weren't gross enough already. It's bad enough changing the diaper let alone walking around with TWO of them in my bag. Yes, my son felt the need to go twice during the 15 minutes we were away from the house! UGH


I've come to the conclusion that every mom needs to be a member of a playgroup with regular play dates.

I remember being invited to my first playgroup almost 4 years ago. I was very excited for my daughter to gain social exposure and to start interacting with her peers. Little did I know that playgroups are an ingenious invention by moms to give not the children, as one would expect, but the mom's themselves social exposure and interaction with her peers.

I learned it wasn't about the kids so much but about the moms. The snacks were geared toward moms - coffee and some sort of chocolate type deal with a small bowl of goldfish or pretzels set aside for the kids. The kids were thrown a bunch of toys to occupy them and the moms sat inside on the couch discussing anything from Hollywood gossip to diaper training experiences. The kids are mainly looked at as a interruption of the conversation.

I was immediately excited and looking forward to my next playgroup. It was even worth cleaning my house to host a playgroup which is always a big undertaking. My adult vocabulary began to come back to me slowly and I learned there were other moms out there as bored and exhausted as I was just looking for some friendship and conversation.

The kids do benefit from this too. I really believe a happy mom equals happy kids. So if you aren't already a member of a playgroup, start your own. Start a Yahoo or Meet Up group for your area and ask other lonely moms you meet at parks to join. You'll be amazed how quick it will take off and how great a play group can be!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the one day a year when society has the right mind set. They finally understand how terrific and wonderful moms are and pay them homage as they should. I personally feel moms should be given this attention and tribute every day of the year.

I think bearing a child in my womb should entitle me to 365 days of non-cooking, breakfast in bed and not having to put the kids to bed. Its a sad, sad society in which we live that we are not treated as the highly respected women we are every day.

I do have to say, while visiting the mall the other day I did smile to myself as I watched several fathers pushing strollers with kids throwing tantrums. They were obviously shopping for Mother's Day presents and had to take the kids with them. To me that was a present in itself just watching the fathers sweating while looking at jewelry while rocking the stroller back and forth in their attempt to console the screaming 2 year old inside. I wish I had my camera and could take a picture to send to that mom. That would have been the best present she could have gotten. I would love a picture of my husband in that situation!

Happy Mother's Day to you all! Happy Non-Mother's Day Also!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Tantrum

I WANT! I WANT! I WANT! That's all I hear anymore. I'm so tired of it. I've been trying for the past three weeks to patiently and nicely ask my children to stop saying I WANT and to say "May I please have..." Yeah, it's not working.

Here's what I WANT:

I WANT to go to the bathroom by myself.
I WANT a maid.
I WANT to drink a beer at 2pm.
I WANT a whole nights sleep.
I WANT my kids to listen to me.
I WANT laundry to disappear.
I WANT to go to Hawaii.

I know none of these are ever going to happen but it's worth a try to put them out there. I know my kids always seem to get what they want when they yell I WANT...

Now that I've had my tantrum I feel much better.