Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lost Nap

Where oh where did my daughter's nap go? Oh where oh where did it go?

It only took having three kids to finally have a good sleeper. My youngest is a great sleeper and napper. You basically throw her in her crib and walk out and she just goes to sleep. It's great and every time I close that door, I am so thankful that it's that easy. I've been on the other side of that situation with my other two children. I remember the crying, screaming, sitting in the room waiting for them to fall asleep.

Yesterday, not so much. I threw her in her crib and the crying started. I freaked. I had flashbacks of my other two kids and almost curled up into the fetal postition and rocked myself back and forth from the memories.

After a few minutes I decided to get her, knowing this wasn't like her. I brought her downstairs and we played some more. If you can call throwing couch pillows at her older brother playing, then yeah, we played. We played real good.

I tried again about an hour later. No luck. I finally decided that if she wasn't going to nap, I would teach her by making her so tired she would fall asleep anywhere. Off to the pool we went. Three hours later we returned home. She was still wide awake and in a good mood.

Now I'm terrified. Does this mean the beginning of the end? All good things must come to an end, but her naps? Really? She's not even two. Someone tell me it was just a jinx, a fluke, and she's not giving up naps for good. Please. Anyone?