Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The sock conspiracy

Somewhere lurking deep in my dryer vents is an evil gnome. This gnome's sole purpose in life is to abscond and eat my baby socks...and not just any old baby matching Gymboree baby socks that I go to the ends of the earth to find. Case in point...I bought my son the "rock star" collection and could have sworn I bought the socks too. I tore my whole house apart and did not find said socks. (Sane people do this, right?) Therefore, I called a few of my local Gymborees to find the socks. They tell me the socks are "hard to find" which only strengthens my resolve to get them. I then turned to my good friend dice. I then decided to start calling the Gymboree stores by my dad in Pennsylvania (UGH-there are only 2 within driving distance of him!!) No luck. I call all 8 stores by my mom in Central Florida. No luck. By this point, I have this scary gleam in my eye which makes my husband keep reading me store numbers from the website. Fear motivates people.
The rest of Nevada? No.
Idaho? No.
I have a friend in North Dakota in the Air Force so I call the store by him...NO.
My Aunt lives in Massachusetts and NOTHING is worse than hearing "We don't have those Sawcks" in the Bawstin accent.
Utah? There's millions of mormon kids who can't possibly wear socks associated with rock stars...they MUST have some in Salt Lake City???? No.
Colorado...its only two states away from us...YES!!!!!!!
The chick who answered the phone must have thought that these damn socks were the holy grail or the cure to cancer because I WAS SO EXCITED. If it were possible to kiss someone through the phone-- I totally did.
The cost of the socks? $3.69
Fedex-ing the socks? $7.99
I didn't care...I would have paid twice that because I. WON.
Back to my original point about the guitar sock is gone. Just...gone. I've looked in everyone's underwear drawer...shook out all the towels and no....its not here.
I think the gnome has it...the one who has 10 other baby sock halves hidden in there....and now he got my rockstar sock. I'll get you gnome...if its the last thing I do....


Tasha said...

I have a sock gnome too! How does that happen?
MY daughter will only wear certain socks, I feel your pain!


Anonymous said...

Did you look UNDER the dryer (& washer)?