Sunday, May 23, 2010

Children Welcome! (But not really...)

A good friend of mine threw a birthday party for her husband last night and the invitation clearly stated "Children welcome!". Not having a babysitter, I cleaned them, dressed them and drug them along with me and my party pitcher of Sangria. When we got there, my customary 45 minutes late, it was a small gathering of 5 adults and 2 kids. Perfect! More adults started to arrive, each couple bringing atleast a 12 pack of beer with them. Please note I said "couple" and "beer" not "moms" and "kids". They ALLLLLL left their kids home. I secretly started to hate each of them. At around 7, the birthday parents put their 15 month old to bed, and the other couple who had brought their son got "tired" and departed. It was down to my 2 kids. Amazingly throughout the 2 hours we had been there, my kids didn't make a peep. The 10 month old was quite a social crawler..making his way around the patio, picking up the occasional dropped chip and stopping to splash in the water table. My 6 year old had taken to creating a chalk art masterpiece and leisurely sipping virgin sangria quietly. I could not have asked for better behaved kids. Yet- why did I feel the "Are you going to take those kids home" eyes on me? Maybe it was my imagination but...I instantly felt out of place and like the "Children welcome" had expired- simply due to the fact that noone else brought theirs. Like Carrie Bradshaw was "Shoe shamed" for having expensive shoes at a party...I was "Kid shamed". The party hosts were was the rest of the guests that I think were relieved when I quietly rounded them up and brought them home. Arriving home at like- 8, was NOT what I envisioned. *Sigh...
Any of you ever have this happen? What did you do?

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