Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let's go get a Vasectomy! Wooooooo!!

There comes a time when we Mommies will have a decision to make...Do we want another baby or are we "done"? If you want another baby hat is off to you because I am firmly on the fence about the whole thing. I think I may decide by the time all my eggs have shriveled up and will only produce babies who talk like Urkel or will grow up to be something terrible- like a Civil War re-enactor.
Unfortunately, until you're at that point...theres tons and tons of options for us women. IUD, pills, shots, etc... why is there really only one option for men? It amuses me that whenever you say the word "Vasectomy" to a dude...his face scrunches up and he cringes...
What if they made Vasectomy's fun?????? Imagine this...
You walk into a dimly
lit waiting room, filled with comfy leather chairs and dude magazines. The nurses are all hotties clad in "naughty nurse" uniforms as they take your insurance information and tell you "the Dr will be with you soon." Once inside "the room"- its like a guy paradise...nothing sterile white with 42 inch plasma playing sports or whatever they guy chooses. Once the deal is done- they get to pick a prize! Yaaaayyy!! No stickers or lollipops a round of golf or a coupon for some lovin' once their little surgery is healed.
Sound nice, huh?
Almost makes me want to go to Vasectomy school just so I can learn how and open this gold mine for myself!
I mean really...we pushed those little bugger out or had c-sections....don't they owe this to us?


Project Mom said...

You are SOOO right! And don't forget the billboards. Instead of picturing a scalpel, how about a Victoria's Secret model? There is money in this, I feel it.

MCatherine Lunsford said...

Love red purses, shoes and coats! OMG!!! They bring out the best spirit in me!
If you would like to laugh and read about my Pitfalls & Promise of beginning a new biz, drop in HERE
You can listen to me sing too, if you click on a tune! Hope you see you there!

MCatherine Lunsford said...

After giving birth to our son and having spent 4 years on pills and 2 using a diaphram, it was time for HIM to practice birth control! Great decision and my husband is all man even when shooting 'blanks'!

Megymelly said...

I think the funniest part of my husband's vasectomy, other than it illuminating the sheer depth of his wussiness, was that it wasn't a done deal when it was done. 10 weeks later they get to test him? 10 weeks? He really thought it would be over in a weekend and he'd be happily shooting blanks Monday night. So sad.