Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In search of the perfect purse

I LOVE purses. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. purses.
Especially shiny new Coach ones.
To me, there's just a special kind of happy, loving adoration for a great bag. I mean, I'm not a supermodel, I'm rockin' the "mommy pooch" thing and occasionally a muffin top. Heaven knows I have my days where my hair has baby food in it and I don't know what all is smeared into my shirt. But you know one thing the kids don't ruin? My purse. There it sits- on the shelf, perfect and waiting for me to take it somewhere. While we're out and about, I like to think that my purse is a statement to others saying "Underneath alllll this crap is a woman with style- look at this great bag!"
Or at least thats how it goes in my head...
Lately, I've been on a mission...to find a new summer purse. AND I CAN'T.
If you've read this blog before, you're aware that I set on a frivolous, self-imposed mission and I always win. ALWAYS. Not this time. Not yet.
I did find a gorgeous bag thats like, more than I make in 2 months. But I won't do it. I am willing myself to find something else comparable because...I just can't see spending THAT kind of money, on a bag that mainly goes to the grocery store.
The mission continues...
Do you have a love affair with your purses?


MCatherine Lunsford said...

OOps! At first the word verification wouldn't show...then it showed under a different post...so sorry!
Love red purses, shoes and coats! OMG!!! They bring out the best spirit in me!
If you would like to laugh and read about my Pitfalls & Promise of beginning a new biz, drop in HERE
You can listen to me sing too, if you click on a tune! Hope you see you there!

Lauren said...

I'm your newest follower. Please follow me back at www.sparklingadventures.com. Thanks!

Love, Lauren (in Australia)

Chris said...

You couldn't have said t better!!! Go here for some awesome purses at GREAT prices...


Along with jewelry, bags, hairbows and so much more!!! It's my favorite site!!! Love reading your blog!!

Krissy said...

I AM SUCH A PURSE ADDICT! Especially coach. I wanted the pink sequin one -- sold out. I wanted the tartan pink and purple one - sold out. It seems like whenever I get the money for one, it's GONE already.

I have one coach that I'm IN LOVE with.