Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Thoughts of a 4 Year Old

The other night I was trying to prepare a perfectly nutritionally balanced and visually pleasing dinner ( ok, I was microwaving some chicken pot pies) when my son hit me with a completely random question.

It was just funny because it was absolute chaos in our house, as usual. My oldest daughter was crying dramatically about having to do homework. My youngest daughter had her head between my legs crying as I tried to move around the kitchen. My son was sitting at the table waiting for his delicious food when he blurted out, "Mom, do witches eat candy?"

"What?" I screamed frustrated and at my absolute breaking point. At the time, I was annoyed by his random question that he really expected me to answer. Not only did he want an answer but he wanted an explination about my answer too.

"I don't know buddy. If I was a witch, I would want candy." That's all I could give him. He seemed as though he approved of my answer and went on drinking his milk.

Looking back on it, it's pretty darn funny the things that go through their heads. Maybe I need to learn from my kids. Maybe I should just stop having logical thoughts and have a few philosophical/random ideas here and there.

Let's see...

Would my rum and coke taste better in a red cup or white cup?
I like wicker lawn furniture.
What's better in laundry - water or detergent?
Bar-b-que tongs are the greatest invention ever made.

I like this. I need to think like a 4 year old more often.

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