Monday, January 25, 2010


Dear Facebook,
I love you. No wait, I hate you. I love how you make me feel connected and part of a community but I hate how you suck my time. I hate that I love your stupidly wonderful games. Take Cafe World for instance. I "cook" a ton of food for people that randomly come in and out of my "restaurant" and appoint my skinny, childless FB friends as dutiful "waitresses" (without their knowledge, of course). I get annoyed when my actual, real life kids make me late to serve my virtual spaghetti and meatballs. If food that I've been "cooking" for a whole 4 hours spoils--there is hell to pay. Ah, how art imitates life when I am left to "clean up" my stove to start cooking all over again. My ratings in real life are much better. Noone leaves my kitchen hungry, whereas my virtual customers leave on occasion because they haven't been served promptly enough. The real life people just wait a bit..or have an appetizer. Do the virtual people offer the same courtesy? Nooooo..they leave and take your hard earned rating down 5 points!
I think I'll stick to cooking in the real world....until my little timer "dings" again.