Monday, January 11, 2010

An Exorcism for Christmas

I'll admit it. I take my poor baby into Mom's Morning Out every Monday just to get away from her. I don't have relatives nearby and my husband travels a lot so I just need a break every once in awhile.

Apparently the wonderful ladies who watch my littlest one need a break from her too, every once in awhile. Upon pick up today, one of the teachers asked me if my daughter "got an exorcism for Christmas?". It seems my little demon was good for once today.

On another occasion I asked one of her "teachers" how she was that day and she replied, "She was very docile today. No one got bit. Of course, I think that's just how she gives kisses."

Yes, wonderful readers, this is my child. It makes it more real to hear other people tell me she's bad. My friends don't believe me. My family doesn't believe me. Those who watch her for a morning can attest to it which makes me feel validated. I take great pride in my demon and the fact people call her so.


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