Friday, January 15, 2010

Apology to the Naked Barbie

Dear naked Barbie laying on my stairs,
I'm so sorry naked Barbie. I apologize for the fact that you've been laying on the landing of my stairs for a number of weeks and I've walked right on by so many times. I know you are a long way away from the Dream Castle and the life you love. I'm not sure why you are naked or how you came to be on the stairs. My only guess is that one of the dogs or the baby laid you at your final resting place.

While carrying the baby upstairs this morning I felt an immense feeling of guilt looking at you. You looked so cold, naked and beaten up. You lacked the happiness in your face and shine in your hair. I'm sure this is a low, degrading point in your life. Probably even worse than when you worked at McDonalds. I bet when you graduated from veterinarian school, medical school, or became the President, you never thought something like this would happen.

I will make this up to you. I promise to pick you up, clothe you in one of your fabulous designer outfits and return you to your mansion, Corvette and horse barn. I'll even try to convince my daughter to stop giving you day long baths in the sink and to keep your clothes on.

Again, Miss Barbie, I'm deeply sorry for any pain and embarrassment this has caused you.
Your Purchaser,


Jenny said...

LOL love this post. xD

Mama in Suburbia said...

Love it, this is a great post.

candy said...

I nearly peed my pants laughing. Luckily, I wouldnt be the only one in my household that has done that today.

Janay said...

You're a talented writer. Very witty. Poor naked Barbie.