Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Witching Hours

"Treasure these times." "These years go by so fast." "Where does the time go?"

I'll tell you where the time goes. A documented 54 extra minutes are added between the hours of 3 and 6pm. That's the time when I feel every single tick of the clock, not to mention the extra minutes I swear are there. Those are the Witching Hours at my house. My angelic three kids turn into little demons torturing me with their demands and commands.


That's all I hear. I usually end up cornered by my little spawns in the kitchen, shielding myself with the refrigerator door. I can fend them off for a few minutes by throwing some Gogurts and an assortment of fruit juices at them. I remain, in the kitchen corner, frightened, hoping that something on the TV will spark their curiosity and they'll leave me. I sit there, counting the never ending ticks of the clock, waiting for my noble knight in shining armor, on his steed (or silver Ford Taurus) to come and rescue me and turn my little beasts back into themselves. All they need is a fresh body full of energy to revitalize them. Once he bursts through the door, peace is restored and the clock continues to move at a normal rate.

So, yes, the years go by so fast. It's the minutes between 3pm and 6pm that drag on and on and on.


Konstance said...

ahh, i'm not the only one! I love when daddy walks in and everything seems to be "normal"

MrsM said...

Ha ha ha ha. I wish I had that. My Hubby works graveyards so he gets home at 8:30am, spends 15 minutes with the kids, eats some breakfast and then sleeps until after the kids go to bed. =(

Pity party at my house LoL.

Michelle @ Tidbit said...

LOL - You have me laughing hysterically ( sleeping) ~ it's so true!!

Shelley said...

I used to dread that hour before dinner was ready! My youngest would whine from the minute we got home after work/daycare until food was in his mouth.

NICO Designs said...

I am now convinced that you have special powers to discern what is happening in MY house and in my mind!