Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Needy Mom

Hi! I'm Candy. Our children have the remote possibility of having something in common besides eating and sucking air.... would you be my friend?????
Thats me.
Im like the poster child for women who moved and need friends. I find myself at my daughters elementary school, scoping out the "normal" looking mothers. The ones with clean kids or all their teeth. The ones who maybe, just maybe, might want to be my friend. I get my best smile on and try my best to wipe the spitup off my shoulder. I threaten my two month old not to cry (kidding) and tell him to act cute for attention. I'm like a dude who uses his niece or nephew to pick up chicks. Only much more desperate and better intentioned. I lack that essential girlfriend to come over and drink wine with me, or go to the mall with, or just call and be catty with. Oh, how I love the catty calls. I can call any number of East Coast friends and do those things. But dropping everything and flying 5 hours is a bit much just to come scrapbook with me for a few hours. Remember when we were young and in school? It was SO EASY to make friends. Even in college, you popped open a beer or some cheap Zinfindel and voila! Friends!!! Now its all about the approach and the things in common and the blah blah blah. Why cant we just say "Hey! I require adult interaction! Give me your number and I might cook you dinner?" Too forward? I thought so. Too bad I never had any "game" in the dating world, so I sure as heck dont have any in the "score some Mommy friends"world. Sigh...

I totally scored a number today though... she said she would go for coffee with me. Do I call her right away or wait a few days to call so I dont seem too desperate?


Konstance said...

haha, I feel the exact same way! All my friends whom you feel comfortable enough to just pop on in all live in Louisiana and I am in Colorado. I would call immediately ( like tomorrow), but I am also desperate lol :)

MrsM said...

I have the opposite problem-I'm very content to stay home by myself where I don't have to get dressed up or put on make up or try to be entertaining.

I am just now starting to attempt to make friends, but only because I realize that both my husband and my children would benefit and I love them enough to get out and do something about it.

The problem is that I am in a weird category. The average mom of a 5 year old now days is in her mid thirties or even early 40s, and they think I am too young and they are rude to me...but I'm too mature for the other moms that actually are my age.

Oh well-I hope you have better luck than I do!

NICO Designs said...

I understand! I followed my husband and left a career, a pretty house I helped renovate (giving myself a pat on the back), and my friends. Now that I stay home it is just not that easy and I miss that female let's get together for coffee, shopping, and silliness.
And my DH thought I was the only one that checked out teeth:)

Lesley said...

oh lord...I've soooo been is a crazy world the mommy friend world...and at least you haven't had a mommy blind date...can I tell you those are the worst.

Colleen said...

Oh my God.... you could totally be my new best friend. Just based on this post alone... : )

Nanny Dee said...

So funny, so true!

Even as a nanny to a 16-month-old I often feel that way at the playground. Some moms can't figure me out -- am I the grandmother? An "older mom"? I often talk to them anyway and tell them straight out I'm the nanny with a grown daughter, so at least it is a conversation starter.

Good luck with your mommy date!