Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Great Tic Tac Debacle of 09

It all started with a little plastic box of Tic Tacs. What harm could come from that?

I'll tell you. My daughter became the back seat Tic Tac Tyrant. She felt the power of the red and yellow tic tacs. I often heard crying and begging because my son was unable to get any red tic tacs. It was Tic Tac mayhem.

And then, one day, it happened. A Tic Tac Coup d'├ętat. My son took that little plastic box while his big sister was at school and felt a little tinge of the power it induced.

From that point on, it was all out Tic Tac war. There was yelling, hitting, tantrums, but I must say; minty fresh breath all along. Finally we came to the Great Tic Tac Treaty. A compromise was reached and now I must buy two boxes of tic tacs from now on. Stupid me to believe my kids could share something.


Isabella said...

Hi -
I just found your blog and really like it. You children sound adorable. The tic tac thing is so true. Of course the answer is buy two....spread the power evenly.

Loved It!!!

P.S. I just started my first blog a short time ago and you may find it funny. Hope you can visit.

Abby N Kay Boutique said...

HAHAHA! This sounds just like my kids. Love IT.

TJC said...

In our car Mumma has the power and the kids must ask for the tic tacs.

If they were allowed to help themselves the box would be empty by the time we got home.

theresa said...

What is this word "Share" that you speak of?

Hey at least they don't have stinky breath!