Saturday, April 11, 2009

VGNO Party

It's a Virtual Girls Night Out Party. I'm betting many virtual men are excited to hear that!

Here's my drink recipe - RUM straight up! Haha that's my favorite.

As far as my favorite Easter candy? It's gotta be the Cadbury eggs. I usually try to find one that is completely wrapped which can be hard to do. They usually have a little bit of chocolate peeking through the wrapper which scares me. Who knows what that chocolate has touched along it's journey. It's not touching my mouth!

It's nice to meet some new blogging mommies! Stop by and check out my other posts!


Ann said...


I am SO GLAD you stopped by the Virtual GNO. (Did I hear rum straight up? Woo hoo! I'll be right over!)

I hope that you meet some great bloggers at my little shindig here. It's all about making connections. And cocktails, of course ;->

Jim @ said...

Sounds like a good time had by all (all girls that is)!