Monday, April 27, 2009

My Secret Papers

I have a stash of secret papers. They are beautiful multi-colored papers folded in half hidden in the last months of my calendar. Once in awhile I feel compelled to just get up and go look at them, maybe caress them a little. I'm like a distressed cougar whenever anyone gets too close. I'm ready to strike at a moments notice. What are these papers you are wondering? They are all the summer camp flyers that have been sent home this past month.

I have the county parks summer camp schedule always minimized on my computer. I pull it up occasionally just to check the openings at the camps my kids are going to go to. Just making sure there is still availability. I'm just waiting for everything to fall into place before registering them. I need to have the right amount of money, friends enrolled for carpool etc. Soon, any day now, my kids will be registered at as many camps as I can find and afford. Sanity.


Life with Kaishon said...

How funny are you Amanda. Secret papers. I was thinking it was a stack of special cardstock for scrapbook pages : ). You are so right! Your papers are SO much better than that. Infinitely better : ).

Jim @ said...

If your kids are old enough, how about a couple of nice overnight camps? (just kidding, sort of ...)

Stamp It With Angelique said...

This made me LOL! I'm a stamper/scrapbooker so of course I was thinking about cardstock or designer paper. Its refreshing to hear someone else express my thoughts in a funny upbeat way. Hooray for summer camps!