Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've had a cupcake filled weekend already. As I just polished off one last cupcake a friend made me take home, I decided that I need to work on making better cupcakes. I think that's in the Mom Code somewhere. "Every mom needs to make extraordinary cupcakes for all major events and school functions". The Mom Code also states every mom must shop at Target on Fridays. One of these days I'll get around to writing down the Mom Code.

Anyway, one of my friends had this handy little cupcake carrier with an awesome lid and room to fit 24 cupcakes in it. It had a handle on the lid and everything. I was envious. I've also seen a book, at Target no less, on how to decorate cupcakes into almost anything. I'm putting that book and that cupcake carrier on my list for next Friday and I'm going to bake the craziest batch of cupcakes that book has in it. I'll also be wearing my cupcake apron from my store! I'm going to do this mom thing right, damn it.


Petra said...

That apron is fab!
If ever there was a cupcake-a-holic, it's me! I love to bake 'em, decorate 'em and of course eat 'em! I know what cupcake book you speak of and it's got great ideas. Have a blast creating =)

Mable said...

I have that cupcake carrier you speak should come with a warning label - "When container is filled, do NOT attempt to let a 6 year old carry it on the bus alone!" 24 cupcakes can get heavy!

And I've also paid my dues to making the festive cupcakes to put in the container. In kindergarten my son had the snack day before Thanksgiving break...I made little turkey cupcakes. So cute...but so time consuming...and for what? Hours of perfecting the candy corn tail feathers, just so the kids can lick the frosting off them? My 2nd son starts kindergarten this fall - his class won't be seeing any turkey cupcakes from this mom! I'll be getting the "Autumn Mix" sprinkles!

Little Lady Cakes said...

Shop at Target on Fridays?!

I'm slackin'...