Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hell No - The Muffin Top Won't Go

I've managed to lose 17lbs since January. It's been tough work. I've worked my butt off, literally. However, my tummy has decided to stay and hang out longer. I've got the non-baby bump and I don't love it.

I can now fit into jeans a size smaller but it's like squeezing the bottom of a balloon, making my flabdominals larger. I have to hike my pants up to stuff the belly into them. Somewhat like a fat Erkel Stevens minus the suspenders. I had bruises above my hips from where the grommets on the pockets dug into my excess tummy. Not pretty.

What exactly do I have to do, besides making a deal with the devil or a getting a tummy tuck, to get rid of this gigantic flab 0'tummy? I've been eating right, exercising, drinking water and serious amount of alcohol. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Why won't it go?

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The Hussy Housewife said...

I KNOW YOUR PAIN! IN fact I know it so well that I started my own club!

"The Muffin Top Killers"

You should join. Some of us have mini muffins, some of us have Costco size Muffins. We even have our own FREE personal trainer!

Go here:

and email me if you want a invite into the club. Invite whom ever you want!

BTW- and good luck with your struggles!