Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Have You Ever Noticed...?

Here's my best Jerry Seinfeld impression....Mom Style!

Have you ever noticed it's either feast or famine with pacifiers? When my baby is good and happy I seem to find them all over. I'll have 15 laying on the counter. When she gets sick or just having a rough day, they are no where to be found. It's extremely hard to try to search under the crib for the elusive paci with a screaming, howling, kicking baby in your hands.

Have you ever noticed all hell breaks loose when you finally take the time to use the powder room? My kids can be sleeping, playing a game, or enthralled in a cartoon and if I choose to go to the bathroom, that's when the vomiting, broken bones, or violent fights break out. Luckily we have a bathroom in a very central part of the house so I can yell commands from there. Command central.

Have you ever noticed your kids interest in traffic laws and traffic devices increases in proportion to how late you are. "Mom, aren't you supposed to slow down at a yellow light?" "Mom, that sign says you can only go 35 miles per hour. How fast are you going?"

Have you ever noticed kids become increasingly energized on rainy days while adults become lethargic and just want to sleep. Rainy days normally equal a clash of personalities.

Do you have any "Have you ever noticed..."?


L Harris said...

Have you ever noticed that the phone or the doorbell will ring either just as you lay down for a nap or just as you put the baby in the tub? And usually the phone call is a telemarketer!

Nanny Deprived said...

Oh yes! Something about taking a nap causes people to come to your door.

Person(also known as Mommy) said...

Have you ever noticed that your kids wait for you to put food to your lips before having "emergancies"? I swear it takes me 2 hours to eat half a meal!

Nicole Feliciano said...

The one time you forget the changing kit to the playground your baby takes a huge poop!