Sunday, March 29, 2009

Belly Bandit - Goodbye Flabdominals!

I always seem to be late on all the cool trends. It must be my lot in life. When my son was 1 I started noticing the really cute slings. I decided I needed one and tried very hard to teach him to sit in one. Teaching a walking toddler to sit in a sling at a park is impossible. I decided I needed another baby. Now, I have the perfect sling thanks to Polkadot Papoose and the perfectly perched baby in said sling thanks to my husband.

And now my daughter is 5 months old and here comes the next awesome product. Again, I'm just shy of being able to use it. Or am I?

The Belly Bandit is an abdominal wrap used right after delivery of your baby to help you regain your pre-pregnancy tummy. It's all the rage right now in the pregnancy world. Apparently, you are supposed to wrap your tummy after delivery to help reduce swelling of the uterus, stretch marks, strengthen your back muscles, and help your posture. According to the Belly Bandit's website and my mom, this has been going on for centeries all over the world.

This is wonderful information I could have used 5 months ago. I blame my still enlarged tummy, stretch marks and constant back pain on the fact I was never told of this news. Thanks mom.

I'm now carrying the Belly Bandit in my store so other moms out there will have a chance to decrease swelling, stretch marks, and back pain. I won't keep it a secret for you even though I'm jealous you'll get to use it and I didn't!

Think this product should be cause of a fourth baby for me? It is cool, but I think not.


Gaston Studio said...

Wish I'd heard about this when I had my last child, some 37 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda, I see you've joined womens blogger. I could have used something like this after my son also. I could wear it now just to squish my gut it. Tracy

Leslie said...

Flabdominals?! You crack me up! Yeah, I wish I had known this two years ago. But, I just heard that exercise helps. I didn't know that ;) No, all this time I've been sitting at the computer confused by the complete lack of weight loss. I wish I could get clued in on some of these things ;) (j/k)

Thanks for sharing this. And your humorous review.