Friday, August 21, 2009

Sin(less) City

Greetings from Fabulous Las Vegas!

I thought I knew motherhood..I thought I was pretty dang good at it. Single, working motherhood agreed with me. I had a great job that enabled me to travel, a well balanced 5 year old daughter and a closet stuffed with Juicy Couture. I enabled an employees termination from my blackberry while on a ride at Disneyland once. Who could possibly want more from life? Not so much a matter of "who" exactly but of "what". My biological clock...thats what. My apparently deeply buried need to be domestic and sign up for another c-section about two and a half months after my whirlwind, impromptu marriage in Vegas to my best friend turned love-of-my- life ..thats what. DOH!!
Fast forward to now, 5 months after I lost aforementioned good job (Thanks economy!) 5 weeks post birth of new baby boy and 2.5 weeks post move cross country from Orlando to Las Vegas, NV. My title has gone from "Working Mommy of 1" to "Stay at home Mommy of 2". Had you told me this would be my reality a year ago, you would have gotten a (very well-manicured) finger response.
I'm learning that Mommy-hood in Sin City may be even more of a challenge than regular old Mommy-hood. (Regular! HA!) For example, the other night I was pushing my infant down the Strip (yes.. I wanted to get out of the house so we went to visit Daddy at work) and an old man walks up to me and yells "You are a bad mother! You bring your child to Las Vegas????" I gasp. He makes the Catholic "sign of the cross" on himself and walks away. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? At first I felt guilty (because thats what "bad" Catholics feel when confronted with "good" Catholics, right?)
Then I thought "Hey buddy! I'm bringing my baby to visit his dad on his lunch hour!! Isn't that what everyone in Vegas does? Spends quality family time while slot machine's chime and roulette tables click?" On second thought, I'm kind of glad I didn't get to defend myself. I know what I'm doing... or do I?

Thanks for reading my first blog post.. I'm extremely excited to join Amanda in blogging madness!


mommy2CCnAC said...

yay! i love me some candy!! :)
welcome...i can't wait to read all your stuff. :)

Noah's Mommy said...

hahahaha.....hmmm....kind of makes me wonder what HE was doing on the strip.....

Michelle said...

Hey Candy, can't wait to hear your adventures of Mommyhood in Vegas. That alone sounds pretty exciting and funny! Good luck and I hope the weirdo's stay far away from you!!