Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Four Day Old Cheese Dip

Here I sit. Exhausted from a long day of teething, first days of school, and a bored toddler. They've all gone to bed. The music choice 90's channel is on and I'm rocking out to some old Whitney Houston. I just got to sit down to eat my dinner at 9:30pm. Four day old cheese dip and slightly stale tortilla chips is my delicious dinner. I'm in my rocking chair watching the heat lightning out the window. Sometimes things can be so right. That or I'm just really tired and everything seems so perfect.


Michelle said...

It's amazing what we can be grateful for when we're tired! Cheese dip, Whitney Houston and a rocking chair sounds pretty good!

Susan said...

I can only imagine how much more work three is than one. Thanks for letting me know I won the contest! I wanted to make sure that you knew it was me (Susan) not Bianca who commented. You mentioned the name of her little boy Jonathan in your comment. Thanks! See you soon!