Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In It To Win It

I'll admit it. I frequently cheat at kids games. I've been known to stack the cards at Candy Land or to tell a little white lie during Go Fish. My three year old can't count so I can totally tell him 32 is bigger than 43 druing Big Fish, Little Fish. No harm no foul.

If I'm going to take time out to play a game I had better win. I know, many of you are thinking badly of me. But my kids are tough competitors. They try super hard and love it even more when they do win. They even love it more when they catch me cheating and call me out on it. I don't baby them. They know how to loose. When they loose they just want to try again and I love that. One day, they'll cheat better than me and take me down. Until then I'll just keep beating them with the occasional free win to keep the taste of victory in their greedy little mouths.

Anyone up for some Chutes and Ladders? Muhwaha!

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