Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Re-Birth

My business has been booming and I'm wonderfully excited and greatful. However I've been neglecting someone very special to me. I like to consider my blog my 4th child.

I've been there for it through sickness and health. My blog stood by me during the great Miracle Blanket debacle. I've raised it, beautified it, brought it out into the world and now I feel just awful at how I've been treating it. It's been a great blog, bringing me visitors, sales, and most of all smiles to my face from all of the great comments.

As I can't let it go, I've decided to give it a re-birth by inviting one of my greatest friends to write on it. I'm so excited to introduce my great friend Candy who will be guest writing on Nanny Deprived - The Blog.