Sunday, June 21, 2009

Toot My Own Horn

Not to toot my own horn but I wanted to share some new products Nanny Deprived has just started selling. I think these are ingenious, both invented and produced by moms, of course.

In every playgroup there is one. I like to refer to them as "The Cup Snatcher." You know what I'm talking about. The kid who likes to take a sip out of everyone else's cup. I'm not sure why they do it. Maybe it's curiosity or maybe they just don't know which cup is theirs. If you own a "Cup Snatcher", or are in a playgroup with one, then this product is for you.

These little plastic bands known as BumpyName Orbit Labels by Inchbug, and are engraved with your own personalization and stretch to fit on any baby bottle, sippy cup, sports bottle and anything in between. Fully microwavable and dishwasher safe, they come in four different colors and are only $12.95 for a 4 pack. It's a super idea for kids who go to daycare, playgroups or anywhere there may be other kids around. The bands allow your child to know and recognize their own cup easily.

Our next momtastic product is Reusable Sandwich or Snack Bags by Resnackit. Available in two sizes and many fabric choices, these bags are lined, washable and oh so cute. Great for sandwiches, chips, goldfish, bagels, crayons, small game cartridges, makeup or anything else you would nomally throw in a ziploc bag. Most moms spend over $300 a year on plastic sandwich bags. Save yourself some money and help out the planet by purchasing some reusable bags.

There you have it. Some fantastic products to help every mom be more momtastic! We'll continue to work hard to find more fun and functional products for moms!

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