Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Naughty Kid Photo Contest Entry Page

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We don't want to see your cute kids...we want to see your naughty kids. Show us a time when you were truly "Nanny Deprived"!

HOW TO ENTER: Email one photo of your child during a naughty moment. Please include your name, email, and caption. If your photo is chosen to be in the contest it will stay on the Nanny Deprived Photo Contest page during the duration of the contest. Please email to: nannydeprived (at) gmail.com and write Photo Contest in the subject line.

HOW IT WORKS: A poll will be set up during the set contest time period and viewers will be able to vote for the best "Nanny Deprived" photo. The contestant with the most votes at the end of the contest time will be the winner.

WHAT YOU WIN: The winning parent will get their choice of a Nanny Deprived T-Shirt to properly flaunt the fact that they are indeed, Nanny Deprived. They will also get bragging rights that they have a truly naughty kid.

FINE PRINT: The contest dates will be set once we have enough pictures participating. After you enter, you'll receive an email with more information regarding voting, dates, prizes etc.

This contest will run from June 15th until July 6th. The winner will be the photo with the most votes on July 6th at noon EST (we can't stay up till midnight). The proud owner of the "Naughty Kid" will win their choice of a Nanny Deprived non-bling Mom T-shirt or a custom t-shirt made with the winning picture.

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Priscilla said...

This could be fun! I'll have to look at see what I can find, hehehe.

looks like I am your first post :D