Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Magic of the Magic Eraser

A friend of mine mentioned that she needed to clean her baseboards of her house. I had an instant heart attack realizing that you are supposed to do that. For weeks it's been on my mind. One of those things on your to-do list you can't get rid of.

Today my 5 year old started complaining about how she was so bored. There was nothing to do. At that second, a light bulb went off. I showed her the "coolest thing ever" - the Magic Eraser. I told her how it was awesome at cleaning off dirt. I gave her a bucket full of warm water and some cleaning solution and the magic eraser and told her to try it out on the baseboards.

As I type, she's half way around the kitchen talking about how great it works. She has even asked if she can wipe the stains off the pantry door. I'm silently snickering to myself about how gullible she is. She hasn't realized she's been bamboozled into doing my dirty job. It's moments like this you realize how great having kids can be!


kiddiescorner said...

OHhhh thanks for the idea! Hehe magic eraser is my best friend since Zoe decided to give me beautiful artwork on the living room walls with purple and red crayon.

Kristina said...

About 2 years ago, my son drew with dry erase marker on our living room wall. His drawing was about 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide and done with such speed I didn't see it happen. I didn't clean it up right away because, since it is dry erase marker, I expected it to come right off. LOL.

Magic eraser (OK, I got the Target brand, but same thing) worked wonders on it.

Jenny said...

I hate cleaning mine. There's a gap between the floor and the board, and we have roaches =( So I make the hubby do it.