Friday, February 15, 2008

My Son Failed Gymboree

My son and I had to drop out of Gymboree. Why, you may ask? Well I didn't feel it appropriate for me to pay money for my son to hug other moms. That's all he would do. He was either hugging all the moms or sitting in the brightly colored inner tubes. I couldn't get him out of there. Not even Gymbo the scary Clown, signing or all the bubbles in the world would pull him away from the red, green and blue inner tubes stacked on top of each other. It was his own little world in there. Or perhaps he was escaping- not sure. So I would stand there talking to him, playing peek-a-boo for almost 45 minutes trying not to look weird.

It's funny because this was a few months ago that we dropped out. We just went back to Gymboree for a friends birthday party and my son made a bee line to the tubes. I thought he would have forgotten those but there he sat. He did do better this time around. He even popped a few bubbles and rode the parachute.

Maybe I'll sign him up for remedial Gymboree. Do they offer that?

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