Sunday, February 17, 2008

My New Mommy Fashion Statement

My husband and I didn't opt for the fancy automatic opening side door when we bought our mini-van. Honestly, I didn't understand the point of only one side opening and thought it was stupid. Now that I have children in pre-school, I understand it makes it easy to dispense of your children quickly.

My passenger side rear door has become encased in apple juice and is impossible to open. The seals are as sticky as my kitchen floor and it takes me pulling all my weight and tugging several times to get the door open.

The other day I was dressed in my usual best to drop my daughter off at pre-school. I of course had my sweat pants on and favorite t-shirt from college (9 years old). I was also sporting my new fuzzy blue slippers my mom got me for Christmas. Thanks mom. I looked my normal, mom best.

It was my turn in the car pool line to deposit my child at school. The poor teacher tugged on my door and then looked through the window at me waiting for me to push the button that would automatically open the door. Because I didn't have that button, and I really didn't want to torture the underpaid teacher by making her try to open my door, I had to quickly jump out, run around and yank the door open, holding up all the moms behind me.

It gets better. Another teacher needed to talk to me so they diverted the line of cars around me while I spoke to the teacher about an upcoming PTA event. So there I was in my mommy best, talking face to face to another teacher while all the moms went around me.

When I got back in the safety my van already mortified, I quickly checked my mirror to make sure no one was behind me when I caught a glimpse of something on my head. I did a double take I saw a huge crumpled up Bambi sticker stuck on the top right section of my hair. Oh it was very large and extremely noticeable. How it got there, God only knows. I'm sure everyone in line and the teacher had to have noticed my lovely sticker. The only saving grace is that all those people who saw me are moms too and have probably at one time had some sort of sticker stuck in their hair in an embarrassing situation. At least I like to believe that.

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Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog. It is the funniest thing I have read in a while!! I have 3 kids - 7yrs and under. I can relate!