Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Best Mommy Product Ever!

We've all done it. Don't deny it. You know you've licked your thumb and wiped your child's face before. The first time I did it I was shocked. "Did I just give my kid a spit bath? Oh yuck, I've turned into my mother." For some unexplainable reason, moms get that overwhelming need to clean dirt, toothpaste, sucker residue or anything else off of their children's face.

When I first found Momspit I knew I had to sell it. It's my favorite product and has, of course, an adorable name. There isn't actually any saliva in it. I've been asked that for those of you saying, "well duh." It is a cleanser without harsh chemicals, safe to use on babies. There is no need for water as it blends into skin leaving it soft and lightly scented. It's great for times when you don't have a sink, washcloth, scouring pad or whatever else may be needed to tidy up your children or yourself. The best thing about it is the scent. It comes in three: Green Tea and Fig (my personal favorite), White Tea and Lemon, and Unscented. Not only do you get to remove the toothpaste spittle in the car while waiting in line for drop off, but you get to make you kids smell a bit better too.

Here are some examples of times when you can use Momspit:

1) Grocery shopping when you son spits a chewed sample of cookie out onto your wrist.
2) In the gym, after you pick your kids up from the playroom.
3) After entertaining your kids at the gas station by making faces through the dirty window while the gas pumps.
4) When you've had no choice but to change your child's diaper in the back of the car.
5) While you clean out your car or your child's car seat.

It's a great product to have in your diaper bag, car, gym bag and anywhere else you may need a waterless cleaner. If you'd like to purchase some, I'd be happy to sell you some! Follow this link:

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Maria Theresa said...

I got to have that Mom Spit!
Too bad, I doubt it if we have it here. I have to check it online though.