Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mary Poppins Diaper Bag

How many of you have friends who carry a Mary Poppins diaper bag? I'm referring to the scene in the movie where Mary comes and pulls anything and everything out of her carpet bag. I've seen moms who must have the same bag. They have any imaginable toy, contraption, medical instrument or snack food known to man inside.

I always feel so inadequate with my diaper bag full of loose fruit loops, three broken crayons, one ruffled diaper and two wipes which are almost dry and shriveled. Don't forget the aroma of my bag - old apple juice that spilled in my pack of tissues.

"Need a toothpick? Oh I happen to have one." "Needle and thread? Right here!" "What's that? Your child only eats spaghetti-o's with meatballs? I have Dora shapes or regular in my bag. Which would they prefer? "

I have friends who carry battery powered mixers to mix up a bottle. Sorry Steph! I've even know moms who have TWO types of band-aids - Princess for girls and Cars for boys. What are these women packing for? It's like they are preparing for the Lewis and Clark Expedition with a an infant.

I remember packing my diaper bag even before I brought my first born home from the hospital. I had travel sizes of every ointment, formula, travel cups, plates and silverware. You name it I had it. Now, I'm lucky if I remember to bring my smelly diaper bag.

I make fun of these over packers now but let me tell ya, the minute there is an emergency situation, I'm making friends with the lady with the biggest diaper bag!


candy said...

I was totally that woman with all the crap in my bag.. now I'm the one with the potty trained child who cant carry a purse thats less than 5 pounds! Damn thee motherhood... damn thee!!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Give yourself a break, I am yet another unprepared Mom. The best is when I forget to unpack from the last trip...2 day old formula...yummy :)!

PixieVonAzia said...

lol when my kid was an infant I didn't really pack much but enough were I was hauling 2 bags around. Now it's like 'damn'.. I'm grabbing diapers and wipes from the grocery stands. And pay for individual diapers =)