Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Embrace the Insanity of Motherhood

"Embrace the insanity of Motherhood" is the motto of my website and blog. What exactly does it mean? It means choosing to laugh when you really want to just hang your head and cry. It means loving someone so much while wanting to strangle them at the same time. It's holding your sick child all night without any sleep for yourself and being happy and grateful to do it. It's trying not to laugh while scolding your child for saying their first swear word. It's carrying a screaming, kicking, spitting two year old while pushing an empty stroller though the busy mall food court to get to the safety and privacy of your car. It means cooking 5 different dinners so everyone will be happy at dinnertime for once. It's listening to the same knock knock joke, and pretending to laugh, over and over and over. It's becoming immune to stinky, dirty diapers. It's giving up the biggest and best bite of ice cream that you really want to your little one who then spills all over their new shirt.

Embracing the insanity of Motherhood means taking all of this in stride with the occasional meltdown. It means loving your child so much and sacrificing anything for them even though it drives you a little nutty.


Gerbil said...

And lets not forget thrusting your hands out without hesitation, to catch erupting vomit. Ah but we know... someday? Our children will call us, tearing their hair out and we will know they now UNDERSTAND. ;)

Jen (kksmom) said...

I love it!! Tell me that's so not true!

Anonymous said...

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Margaret McSweeney said...

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Lily Pad Mom said...

I'm always guilty of trying not to laugh at things LP has done wrong. If it's really bad I'll usually take a picture while trying not to laugh too. Luckily I never have to give up any of my ice cream, my daughter doesn't like it. Maybe it will stay that way and I'll never have to share any (is that a selfish thing to think as a mom?).

Rona's Home Page said...

You have a great blog. One definitely gets a sense of your personality. Isn't that what blogs are for?