Thursday, October 28, 2010

E Day

It was 8:50 am on Wednesday morning. I started unpacking my son's backpack from the day before because that's how I roll. I try to look like I have had it packed up and ready for him to go for days but little do his teachers know, I do it five minutes before he goes to school. Haha.

That's when I spotted the note. "Tomorrow is E day. Please bring in something that starts with the letter E". Damn.

I started yelling for my son to go get elastic man.

"Find him! Look under your bed."

I knew we needed to get in the car because it takes us at least 10minutes to get everyone buckled and for me to run back into the house at least 5 times for stuff.

He came down very upset that he couldn't find Elastic Man. The light bulb turned on in my head. I have an envelope!

"Jake, envelopes are cool. All the cool kids like envelopes!"

The tears started to well up in his eyes and the pouty lip came out. Double damn.

"All it does is open and close. The kids will laugh at me!" He said with that giant lip.

I drove my crying pouting little boy to school with an envelope in his book bag and not Elastic Man. Epic mom fail.

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Amanda said...

This is totally my kind of mornings! We have at least one meltdown! :)