Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday and a New Addition!

Three years ago I remember tucking my kids into bed while all sugared up after trick or treating. I ran down to the computer to finish up my last touches on my first website "Nanny Deprived". I was so excited. My little world of Nanny Deprived is happily three years old today and it's been so fun and amazing.

I have learned SO much it's unbelievable. My husband is amazed at all of the information I now know from owning my own online business. I started out by buying "Online Business for Dummies" and now I do some consulting for new business owners and online retailers.

Last night was just like three years ago. I tucked my kids (now there is one more) into bed and came downstairs to do a little more work on my newest website which launches today. Please take a peek at my new baby: We will be selling kids wooden toys, magnetic toys and oh so much more!

Thanks to all of my awesome customers, nanny deprived moms, and the friends I've met on this amazing journey into the depths of online retail!

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