Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Man I love STUFF

So, crazy doesn't even begin to describe life on the West Coast nowadays. Amanda and I were finally reunited and wreaked some serious havoc on Sin City at the ABC Expo! Perhaps I should clarify- we wreaked havoc on our wallets and livers mainly but still-- it was one heck of a great time! Perhaps there's a reason we work on opposite coasts- because if we were in the same office constantly we might never get anything accomplished.
Regardless, we have had a product review blog for a little while and haven't really LAUNCHED it but- with allll the great products we found at the show.. its time for a "what do we think and why you need this item" blog. Therefore- announcing Nanny Deprived Reviews!!!!!!
(Yayyy!!! *clap clap clap-- wooooohoooo!!!!)
We, as moms with little time and even little-er room for error have decided to test products on ourselves (and our kids!) so you don't have to.
Stay tuned for more cool stuff that you just might need to have!!!

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