Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Pain in the Teeth

Teeth. Who needs em?

Teeth seem to be a sore subject in my house these days, literally.

I've got one kid loosing them left and right. Every meal brings on the drama about how she can't eat because her tooth is loose. My menus have to be planned around the wiggleness of her tooth. Whenever a tooth is just about to come out, we look forward to a show of crying, jumping around, whimpering, and mad amounts of "look at me" drama. Fabulous.

I also have another kid getting some new teeth. Again, I've enjoyed days of screaming, crying, spitting, diarrhea and general whining. There's a bit of fear in me too because I know that with those teeth, the inevitable biting will soon come.

And then there is my poor son, in the middle of the two extremely dramatic girls. I'd just be happy if he would remember to brush his teeth once in awhile.


Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

Teeth are a sore spot in our house too. I need 2 root canals, my daughters won't brush their teeth and my mom, well she just complains about her dental insurance all the damn time. lol

Jenn said...

Aww there is nothing ever fun about teeth! Getting them, losing them, getting them filled...yikes. hope the relief comes soon!!

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