Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back Seat Bitch

The open road... The wind in my hair.... Spontaneous road trips to Key West for long adult weekends filled with partying, laying on the beach drunk in my bikini and renting mopeds for days filled with shopping. Not a care in the world. I traveled in luxurous style in our Infinity QX 56. I was Queen of the car and fun roadtrips. Of course, that was "BK" (before kids).

Now? Now I'm the back seat bitch in a no-thrills minivan on family roadtrips to visit Grandma. I dole out juice boxes and desired snacks. I change, fast forward, rewind and fix scratched DVD's. I play 45 minute games of, "Where's Mommy?" with the baby and her blankie. I retrieve lost shoes, straws, games, headphones, and binkies for the kids who are strapped down disregarding my own safety. Never mind the fact I have horrible carsickness or the fact that we have 14 hours left to our destination, I keep a smile on my face, a song in my heart and numerous swear words in my head.

I guess I created the need for this minivan and now I must ride in it.


Isabella said...

Oh so true. And funny.

Shelley said...


I never rode in the back...a throwing up mommy is no fun...