Sunday, November 22, 2009

To wait in line or not?....That is the question

Christmas shopping is upon us and I feel I've been sucked in a little early this year. Vegas is a kind of blah city (once you get off the Strip, of course) so- the idea of decorating my house with something cheery appeals to me. This leads to the inevitable "What do we get everyone?"
Last year was easy...bought my daughter EVERYTHING she asked Santa for, my husband a new watch, my sister-in-law a new get the picture. This year? We are down one income and up one diapered drooler. Since "Transition" seems to be my Word of the Year-- how does one transition from that to making one budget to stretch for TWO little people? Luckily, my daughters list for Santa this year is short...near nonexistant. She simply wants what every other child in American wants right now-- the Zhu Zhu pets. Now, I can't quite figure out if she wants them because they're cool or because everyone else wants them so- she's jumping on the bangwagon. I hear people are standing in line for these things and only some are successful. Are they really worth waiting for? Thats my inner Mommy struggle. Am I a bad mom if I don't go to the ends of the earth for a robotic hamster? Part of me thinks "Screw will end up in the toybox abyss like everything else by February" and the other part says "You HAVE to do everything possible to secure one of these things--she asked SANTA!!!" Who's right? I think both halves have equal amount of merit. Has "Santa" ever substituted something comparable at your house? Those Fur Real pets are dang close to the Zhu Zhu's in my opinion... I think I would be pretty happy if one of those showed up instead of NONE electronic pet on Christmas morning. Thats adult "me"..would little girl "me" have felt the same way? Alot of me is struggling to keep "magic" and "wonder" alive in her because... I think little girls are growing up too fast these days. I don't think growing up we were near as mature as the little girls are today. Santa, and all he stands for, is one of my last-ditch efforts to keep her little as long as I can. So maybe I'll stand in line for a pet, or maybe I'll try and get one cheap at 3 am on ebay...or maybe she will get a Fur Real pet and an IOU from Santa on Christmas morning.. who knows?

Candy (Who is having trouble finding her graphic at the moment...)


Soopermom said...

hey, i totally know what it's like to be bumped down financially. I picked up the "zhu zhu" pets before they were popular and have hung onto them. My kids totally seem disinterested. I have 2 xtra hamsters and an accessory or two. If you find you are in need - let me know... I am an honest, christian woman - not looking to screw anyone. just wanted to offer.

Divas 3 said...

I stood in line to get my daughter a Zhu Zhu pet for her 5th birthday in mid November. The store only got a shipment of 25 pets and I was the 12th person in line and me and everyone ahead of me was able to snag two pets each. Personally I'm really glad I did. She loved it!