Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Exhausted

This past week I've gone through preschool pirate parties, park field trips, field day, teacher gifts, snack duty for the end of the year party and one last soccer party. I'm going to throw a "The Parties are over Party". That's something to be excited about.

It's a good thing summer break is coming so I can sit and do nothing. I wish.


Noah's Mommy said... have been busy....I do hope you can get a little peace and quiet....even a few minutes....

Alaska-womom said...

NEVER say that you are going to sit down and do nothing ot the godesses or explosive intestinal bacteria will come and haunt you. I used to say, "When things slow down...." I am older and wiser now. Now I just pass out quietly when I get the chance--
Good Luck. If all else fails get the flu-it buys you a few hours of couch time.