Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crusing with Kids

I am both the pilot and stewardess of my minivan. Not only do I navigate U-turns but I'm often opening a bag of chips at the very same time. I amaze myself. I have mastered changing the DVD for inflight viewing in the exact amount of time it takes to sit at a red light. I can mix up a sippy cup full of strawberry milk while merging onto the interstate. Everyone has their proper beverage, snack and entertainment in my car. Only happy passengers here.

Dangerous you say? Survival I say. Dangerous is driving with kids screaming behind you. I'm all about making them happy while I'm driving. I have my own little beverage cart set up in the passenger seat with drinks, snacks and anything else that will keep them happy for the amount of time I need to drive. I can throw back a snack with percise accuracy. Even the baby has a mountain of toys and pacifiers attached to her car seat. Happy passengers equals happy pilots.

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Noah's Mommy said... glad I have one very easy passenger at this point....and we'll just say you are very good at multitasking....Happy Mother's Day...