Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Products - New Partner

Nanny Deprived is proud and excited to announce that we have partnered up with Polkadot Papoose to sell their hand made slings. If you haven't seen them, you need to right away!

Polkadot Papoose offers beautiful fabric combinations and supurb workmanship for all of their slings. Each sling is named after a heroine from several famous great books. Each has two complimentary fabrics which makes all the slings fully reversible. A pacifier pocket is sewn onto both sides of the sling so you can always reach that all important binky.

These slings are wonderful for getting jobs done while caring for your little one. Babies are even able to breastfeed while snug inside the papoose! Be sure to see these beautiful slings in our store or at!

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