Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Caught Santa

I'm a bit teary eyed at the idea of this being the last Christmas my kids may believe in Santa. I will never ever tell my kids that there is no such thing as Santa because I really believe that the magic of the holidays is in fact, the true Santa.

I am so extremely careful when preparing my Christmas. I keep all of the Santa gifts hidden in a separate place, I use different wrapping paper for Santa gifts and I never write on the packages because I don't want them to wonder why my hand writing is the same as Santa's. I just don't want to be the one to ruin it for them.

I've found a wonderful website that makes it all a little more magical. Please take a peek at This website allows you to impose a posing Santa anywhere in your house, even your fireplace. Imagine telling your kids that you are going to prove to them there is a Santa and capture this picture to show them Christmas morning.

The fun folks at are going to give us some free codes to use for a free photo of your own.

In order to win one of the codes simply go to their site and take a peek at the different Santa poses you can use in your own photo and tell us which one you like the best or which one you would use. Then comment with your email address. We'll pick a few lucky winners on Sat the 18th and email them their code to make their own Santa photo.

Not feeling lucky? Or maybe you just want to start right now. Use this code for 25% off the purchase price of a photo - NANNY-DEPRIVED


Felicia said...

I love pose #6 because it makes the kids think hes getting their presents out of the bag... these are all too cute! said...

I love #16 or #20. It would be perfect for us because one of the after care workers told my six year old daughter there is no santa and no matter how hard we've tried we can't convince her he's real. I know it wouldn't last forever, but I figured we'd have a couple years at least.

Lori said...

I like pose #14 so it would look like Santa is placing a gift under the tree. My 4-yr-old has never believed in Santa. She says he's just make-believe. We'll have to convince her just like the little girl in Miracle on 34th St.