Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mom Knowledge

So, we had a darn fine idea the other day (and when I say "we" I mean, "Amanda"..God, I feel like her husband now saying that) Mom-Sense. When she told me about it- I thought it was amazingly brilliant because let's face it- we mom's know more random crap about random crap than any other species on the planet. Really...who knows which Barbie the sparkly pink boots go to and who the blue pumps belong to? Mom does.
As a reward for all this useless knowledge you carry around in your already full brain we (*she) has decided to have a contest on our Facebook page every Thursday night at 10 pm, EST. So, being on the west coast...I will have to log in promptly at 7 to check on you fine ladies and see who we can stump with random questions. *remembering to add that as a recurring event to my should too! If you are proven the most knowledgable mama of the night- you will win some fabulous prizes. If you aren't our Facebook friend then-- Why not?? Go friend us!!!

The following is the fine print:
We will ask 3 questions each Thursday night at 10 pm EST (10:02 if the kids are bugging us)
The first person to answer the question correctly will win the prize listed in that post. No swapping prizes.
The winner has 24 hours to email us at nannydeprived at gmail dot com with their US mailing address as well as any size choices. (Yes- the prizes are THAT good!)

As soon as we receive the address, we will mail your prize right off to you! If the winner does not respond within the 24 hours- we reserve the right to offer the prize again next week to another winner.

We realize that some questions may have more than one answer...we reserve the right to choose the answer that is most correct. Kind of like the SAT's you took in High School but- way cooler. We have tried really hard to make sure they are clear cut answers know...stuff happens even when you're trying hard for it not to.
If two people happen to answer correctly with the exact same timestamp in Facebook- we will offer a "tie breaker" question.

Ok, thats all. Hope you're all ridiculously excited. I know I am...even though I can't win because I came up with some questions. Dang you red tape!! Log onto Facebook tomorrow night!!!

Candy :)

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Karyn Climans said...

What a fun idea! Can't guarantee I'll be able to join you every Thursday night but I'll try.