Friday, September 24, 2010

Cloud, cloud, go away

There is a little, black, rain cloud looming over my household lately. And when I say "little and black" I really mean a MASSIVE MIDNIGHT BLACK THUNDERHEAD.

In the past week, I have discovered I have a hernia, had my child knock out one of my teeth and had my husband wreck my brand spankin' new minivan.

Yes, kids...I am officially a country song.

The week started out innocently enough, if you call excruciating
stomach pain "innocent". I decide to make a Dr. appointment and diagnosis: hernia. Schedule abdominal scan for next day.
That evening, put toddler on bouncy Zebra thingy- he stands up and his little hard head whacks me straight in the jaw....Good-bye veneer/bonding. Hello Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel.
Make dental appointment the next day for fixing. Also, make mental note to not smile at anyone not immediately related to me. I also consider getting hard headed toddler a helmet.

Next day: Kiss husband and kids goodbye as I leave for Dr's and they leave for school drop-off. I decide I'll let him be "the cool dad in the red Swagger Wagon" (*Giggle) and I take his car to my doctor appointments. Not my best move- I think karma knew I was singing "Being Mr. Mom" in my head as he drove away.
15 minutes into the drive I get the call noone wants...the "We've been in an accident" call.
Luckily, thank the Heavens, my husband and kids are just fine- not a scratch. My pretty new van? Noooooooooooooooo....front end smashed, 4 broken doors, 2 deployed airbags and a partridge in a pear tre
e. I don't think I am going to see her again for about a month...if at all. Turns out, not many people have trashed their 2011 cars yet so, the body shop is having a heck of a time estimating how they are going to repair it. Greeeaaat.
Needless to say, I called and cancelled both dental appointment and abdominal scan. Funny how a mother no longer hurts, or cares about their whacked out smile when their babies safety is compromised. I'd really like the black cloud to go away though...the rain is getting a little old.

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Mary Barnett said...

Ok, you told me about the van. You didn't tell me that you were also a toothless, herniated, pitiful being at the same time. We need to do drinks soon. Sans kids.