Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Death To The Green Booger Fairy

The Green Booger Fairy visited my house last night. I would love to find her, pin her down and pluck her little wings off one by one. The only thing worse is the Pink Eye Fairy. Lord knows she's been to our house a few times. I'm just waiting for the Head Lice Fairy. I know she's around lurking in our bushes. Waiting for a good time to attack our house.

There is nothing worse than wiping your child's nose with a tissue to find a gigantic green booger that just won't stop coming out. You know what I'm talking about. You normally need three or four tissues to get it all out. Or scissors to cut it loose and give up. Not much phases me anymore. I've seen it all but those nasty green rubber band boogies just freak me out.

It's even more entertaining to see those boogies at 4am when you're awake with a severely congested kiddo. Or while in the middle of a conversation with the man in charge of "Small Businesses" at the bank. Had that happen once. I think he understood the meaning of my business name, "Nanny Deprived" at that exact moment while I kept reaching for tissues off his desk and trying to scoop out the greenness from my son's nose. I just kept talking like it was nothing while gagging and wanting to vanish on the inside.

Tis the season of the Green Booger Fairy. Wish me luck on catching her so I can do away with her for all of our sakes.


Shelley said...

Amanda! You're so stinkin' funny.

Shelley said...

And we can't forget two of the meanest fairies: The Vomit Fairy & The Diarrhea Fairy. :)