Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maternity Underwear

If anyone knows of a good, comfortable type of maternity underwear, please let me know about it. I honestly don't think any such thing exists.

Due to the fact that my regular underwear have started to roll up under my expanding tummy. I was forced to go in search of something more flattering for a pregnant body. I stood at Target for at least 20 minutes trying to figure out what size I'd need and what type of cut. I eventually bought a broader cut than I normally wear and one size up.

Once home I took my new undies out and held them up. I have never seen a larger pair of underwear in all of my life. I laughed and thought how ridiculous they were and then my laughter turned to tears as I tried them on and they actually fit like a glove. A year and a half of regular gym workouts shot to hell with 18 weeks of pregnancy.


list mama said...

It is amazing what just a few years can do to your memory. My "baby" is now 3 years old. She is my last and so I have disposed of all maternity clothing. I truly can't remember what I wore or what was comfortable.

The Schoonover Gang said...

I'm the (crazy) proud mom of 6 kiddos. I found a great website called breakoutbras. com this last round of preggohood. They have great under garments. I'm not the owner of the site, I promise. I'm just passing along info. :)

Good luck with your undie hunt.


Becky said...

Old Navy has some nice bikini maternity underwear that fit nicely!